Belview Locality Map

Project Details

Exploration Project

A large scale, metallurgical coal project located in the heart of Queensland's Bowen Basin. Belview currently holds a 330Mt JORC Resource (50Mt Indicated and 280Mt Inferred).

Extensive coal analysis has revealed that maintaining a minimum vitrinite content is important to ensure the saleable product displays coking properties. This is achieved by separation at a low density and thus is accompanied by a low product ash level (typically 6-7.5% (ad)). A washed coking coal is likely to exhibit low sulphur (0.4 - 0.55% (ad)) and moderate phosphorus (0.07-0.1% (ad)) with limited plastic properties. The secondary PCI coal has low-volatile matter, standard ash, low sulphur and moderate phosphorus content. At a typical ash level of 10-11% (ad) the calorific value is regarded as high (~7,500 kcal/kg gad). This calorific value level, along with the high carbon content, indicates a high coke replacement ratio. The variable iron and calcium content in the ash impact the ash fusion temperature. The HGI is high (~80-87).

Wash and clean coal composite analysis of Belview coal samples indicate that together these products can be a high overall washed yield, with an achieved laboratory yield for the main seam (Pollux) of 79%. Under certain processing scenarios a thermal coal product may also be produced at minimal yields (5-10%) additional to the PCI product, as a moderate ash (20% ad) with reasonably high energy content around 6,500 kcal/kg (gad) and attractive HGI of 75-80.

A conceptual mining study was completed in 2015 that proposed a significant underground longwall operation.