Overview and key features of the Plan

The Stanmore Coal Limited Dividend Reinvestment Plan provides you with the choice of receiving Shares instead of cash for Dividends declared by the Company on all or part of your holding of Shares. 

The key features of the Plan include:

  • Participation is voluntary.
  • You can increase your shareholding by reinvesting any Dividends you may be entitled to in additional Shares.
  • You can have all or part of your Shares participating in the Plan.
  • You do not have to appoint a broker and will not pay any fees, brokerage or other transaction costs for Shares allocated under the Plan.
  • You can join, withdraw, or vary your participation in the Plan at any time.
  • Shares acquired under the Plan will rank equally with existing Shares.
  • Shares may be issued at a Discount.
  • Plan statements outlining the Dividend calculation and details of your participation will be mailed to you on, or as soon as practicable after, the date the Dividend is paid (and Shares are issued or transferred to you).