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New Cambria

Project Overview

Location: Bowen Basin

Nearest Port: Gladstone

Rail Line: Blackwater

Mines in Region: Jellinbah, Curragh North

Coal Type: Metallurgical

Mining Method: Underground

Project Details

Potential for medium sized open pit PCI coal deposits – the New Cambria project is targetingthe potential for shallow Rangal coal deposits along trend from the Yarrabee Mine. The area is underexplored and has the potential to host one or more medium sized (30–50 million tonnes) high rank coal deposits. In 2010 Stanmore Coal drilled 12 shallow holes within the EPC to build on the geological understanding established in a comprehensive desktop study and modelling exercise.  The initial round of drilling provided useful geological information to guide the next phase of exploration which will include a seismic survey.  Drilling will then be targeted at the most prospective areas identified in the seismic survey.

Adjacent historic mine workings indicate high quality, low-volatiles PCI coal – Coal has been mined historically at a number of collieries in the Bluff Coal Field which abuts the New Cambria EPC to the south-west (within ML1774). Analysis of the coal mined at the adjacent Excel colliery indicates the coal to be high energy, low in ash and volatiles and semi-anthracite in rank. The uppermost of these seams identified in the Bluff Coalfield, the Excel Seam, was worked at the Excel Colliery at a thickness of 1.75 metres. The Cambria Seam, 3.0 - 3.5 metres thick, lies 30 metres below the Excel Seam but has not been worked. Analysis of the coal from the Excel Colliery indicates the coal to be low in ash and of semi-anthracite rank.

Washing yields of 85 - 91% for a 6 - 7% ash product and low volatile matter (13–14%) were achieved in the testing of the Excel and Cambria seams. Limited data from the Cambria seam indicates it is likely to have low sulphur (0.5%) and acceptable phosphorus (0.05%) for a PCI coal.

Close to infrastructure – the Blackwater to Gladstone railway line and the Capricorn Highway pass along the southern boundary of the EPC.

Exploration History and Geology
Geological investigations to date have demonstrated that Rangal Coal Measures strata are developed within EPC 1113 and there is the potential for one or more near surface occurrences of coal in the area due to the influence of thrust faults. While limited exploration has been carried out in the area of the EPC, Rangal Coal Measures were historically mined at Bluff on the western boundary of the EPC and also occur at drill hole Bluff 1, confirming that the coal bearing strata extend to the east from Bluff Coal Field through the project area.

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