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Project Overview

Location: Bowen Basin

Nearest Port: Gladstone

Rail Line: Blackwater

Mines in Region: Kestrel, Gregory Crinum, Ensham

Coal Type: Metallurgical

Mining Method: Underground

Study: Concept

Project Details


  • Acquisition of adjacent tenement to the Lilyvale coking coal project provides a shallower depth to coal and enlarged footprint of 13km2
  • Project area is nearby the operating Kestrel and Gregory Crinum mines in the Bowen Basin and within 15km of nearest rail infrastructure
  • Historical coal quality data from within the project area points to attractive coking properties with CSN values of 5.5 – 6.5

Stanmore Coal Limited acquired EPC 2157 as an extension of the Company’s existing EPC 1687 known as the Lilyvale project (formerly known as Theresa Creek). The Lilyvale project is located 25km north east of Emerald and is in close proximity to the Kestrel and Gregory Crinum operating coking coal mines. The project is currently owned 100% by Stanmore Coal but at the completion of certain milestones, Cape Coal Pty Ltd will earn a 15% interest.  

The Company, in conjunction with Cape Coal, has conducted a desktop review of the Lilyvale project and identified the German Creek (or Lilyvale) seam as potentially amenable to underground extraction based on depth and estimated seam thickness. This seam is presently mined as a high quality coking coal at the adjacent Kestrel and nearby Gregory Crinum operations. The project is well located within 15km of existing rail infrastructure given the surrounding operating mines. 

Figure 1 —Lilyvale Project Location

Historic Exploration

Based on analysis of historical geophysical logs and bore holes in the surrounding region (including 2 cored holes with quality data within the project area) the Company estimates that the Lilyvale project hosts the German Creek seam from 336m in depth (at hole C2059) with a typical thickness across the project area of 2.2-2.5m. The north of the project area is estimated to host the shallowest coal and is contiguous to the Kestrel mine MLA.

Figure 2 — Modelled depth to German Creek seam

Figure 3 — Modelled coal thickness German Creek seam

Hole ID Total Depth (m) From (m) To (m) Thickness (m)
C2059 345.13 336.29 338.70 2.41
C2172 397.33 390.52 392.98 2.46

Figure 4 –German Creek seam intersections within the Lilyvale project area

Historical German Creek seam intersections within the Lilyvale project area demonstrate attractive coking properties as shown below including CSN values of 5.5 – 6.5. 

C2059 C2172
Thickness (m) 2.41 2.46
F1.60 Qualities

Yield (%) 86.7 87.7
Ash (%) 8.6 8.4
Energy value (MJ/kg) 30.8 30.3
CSN (BSI) 5.5 6.5
Gray King Class G1 G1
IM (%) 4.0 3.6
VM (%) 34.7 35.5
Fixed Carbon (%) 53.9 53.8
% Vitrinite 69.0 73.0
Vitrinite Reflectance 0.82 0.77
Max Fluidity (dd/min) 130 130
Softening temp (Deg C) 385 380
Resolidifying temp (Deg C) 455 465
Sulfur (%) 0.6 0.6
Phos (%) 0.006 0.009

Figure 5 – Lilyvale Project German Creek seam quality data

Adjacent underground mines at Kestrel (Rio Tinto) and Gregory Crinum (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance) produce a low ash, high volatile hard coking coal from the German Creek seam.

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